Well okay alright I screwed up I drank it down drained the cup
I'm the fool but what the hell I did not ask they didn't tell
so I rolled the dice bet the house put that pistol in my mouth
closed my eyes pulled the trigger go ahead and figure...

So satisfied just looking in this pool of life but you won't swim
something might be lurking there come up and drag you by the hair
down to the point you're in too deep with company you would not keep
and I will be among that crowd whispering out loud...

What about you
have you ever been around
What about you
have you ever fallen down
What about you
did you ever take a chance
Are you afraid to dance

What I am is what I'm not and if I knew then I forgot
to file for identity but that's the point now can't you see
that I have never been afraid of marching in my own parade
I'm not living for my health I won't be someone else...

I count my lucky stars at night that I'm around and I'm alright
considering the things I've done - ignorance that passed as fun
but here I am and there you are twinkle twinkle little star
that I will live until my last breath and I will ask...