Don’t Wanna Fall

What are you doing now you oughta know
I’ve been there before and I don’t wanna go
I was young I was stupid call it naive
crazy and foolish enough to believe
in words like forever and concepts like fate
wrapped up in destiny rolled in the shape
of a heart over-flowing but I’ve had enough
whatever it is I don’t wanna fall in love

I’m doing fine here all by myself
I don’t depend on somebody else
to lift up my spirits when I’m feeling down
or just to have someone hanging around
asking me if I still feel the same way
am I alright is everything o.k.
how would I know what the hell should I say
I’ve been thru it all I don’t wanna fall in love

I know it’s not so simple as this
it’s more than a feeling it’s more than a kiss
more than anyone I know you’re more than a friend
but it’s always the same in the end
and I don’t think I can do it again

I wanna tell you the way that I feel
the problem is just that it’s ever so real
an affliction of reason that lays it to waste
a leap from on high but I don’t have the faith
that someone will be there to catch me this time
so I’m pulling those reins in drawing that line
at the first indication the moment I find
my back to the wall I don’t wanna fall in love